Activities in and around San Juan del Sur

When my parents visited us in San Juan for the first time in early 2008, they both commented that it is a beautiful town, but they didn’t know how to access the various activities our pueblo claims to offer.  So, this post is for you, Mom and Dad.  Enjoy!  And FYI – this is really just an expanded list of Rancho Chilamate’s A to Z Guide, with the exception that all of these activities are within 30 minutes (más o menos) of San Juan.

Horseback Riding with Rancho Chilamate

Canopy Tour with Da Flying Frog

Take Surf Lessons with NSR, Chica Brava, Casa Ariki

Visit La Flor Wildlife Reserve to see the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles

Visit to surrounding beaches (Marsella, Maderas, Playones are all about 25 minutes north and Remanso, Yankee, Hermosa, and Coco are between 10-40 minutes south)

Practice Yoga at Zen Yoga Studio or Nica Yoga

Get a massage, mani/pedi, and more at Spa del Sur, Bonnie Lassie, or Pelican Eyes

Go Sailing with Pelican Eyes or Nica Sail and Surf

Go Deep Sea Fishing or Spear Fishing with Aquaholic

Play a friendly game of Paintball

Try Kitesurfing on Lake Nicaragua

Learn Spanish

Volunteer with Comunidad Connect, Barrio La Planta Project, A. Jean Brugger Foundation

Join the annual Howler Mountain Bike Race (seasonal)

Play Frisbee Golf

Take a Helicopter Tour over Playa Ocotal or Playa Hermosa

Rappel from the Lighthouse

Real Estate Tour with Justin at Aurora Beachfront Realty

Hike to the world’s second largest Jesus

Rent a Kayak from Kyle’s Kayaks, found at Pau Hana Restaurant

Try to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) in the San Juan Bay

Tour San Juan on an ATV

8 thoughts on “Activities in and around San Juan del Sur

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  2. Hi Sarah,
    I’m a video producer and host of a video series about the best places to live or retire in the developing world. You can see about the videos we are producing at

    This month my crew and I will be in Granada and San Juan del Sur making the next two videos in our series. A major component of the videos is interviews with resident expats in each destination. Those such as yourselves who have quality blogs, own local businesses, or who are otherwise participating in their communities are the best interviewees for us. And it’s good publicity and free advertising for you.

    I would love for you to be in our video of San Juan del Sur. An interview takes about half an hour. You will have a picture and credit at the end of the video with any contact information you would like to share. Please let me know if you’re interested, and may I ask if you know other expats like above who might want to participate, please help to connect us. Thanks!

    Best regards,
    Michael Karsh

  3. i am coming to nicaragua in a couple of weeks..super excited. the first week i will be with dale dagger surf camp and the second at buena vista surf camp..i really want to stay longer. i was thinking of renting a place in san juan del sur….can you recommend any rentals…or any thoughts???i want to take a spanish immersion course also….thanks so much

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