La Costanera

Slow but steady progress is being made on Nicaragua’s Coastal Highway Project making the border with Costa Rica all the more accessible.  “La Costanera” will eventually be a paved road stretching from Montelimar in the north to the Costa Rican border to the south, a total of approximately 131.5 kilometers running close to the coast line, following most of the existing dirt road.

Photos (taken June 26, 2011) below show a 4 km stretch of road, paved with “Somoza Stones” (named for the former dictator who owned all the concrete factories) between San Juan del Sur and Playa Coco, to the south.

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3 thoughts on “La Costanera

  1. I am so happy to see those photos!! We are moving to Nicaragua from Texas in November with our little boys. We were there in January and the road was still dirt. We will be living at Costa Paraiso, so that paved road will be very important to us very soon!!

      • Hi Ron – how exciting! Good luck with the build. What specifically would you like to know? There is plenty if information about our move here on the blog. Let me know if you don’t find the answer to your questions. Cheers! ~Sarah

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