New Digs

Justin and I moved into a new place a little over two months ago.  We are still in the little neighborhood, tucked back in the hills of San Juan, but we have upgraded to a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, air conditioned apartment (!!!) with full kitchen and large patio with an incredible view of the bay…

Sunset from our balcony


View from our bedroom


View from balcony - dry season


Balcony, left side




French doors to balcony


Panoramic from balcony - dry season

7 thoughts on “New Digs

  1. Hi, your place looks beautiful. My 16 yr. old son and i will be moving to sjds in august for a year so he can pursue his dream of becoming a prosurfer while completing 11th grade
    online. We hope to be able to do the year without having to
    buy a car and are therefore looking for “local” rentals within
    walking distance to the market. Please let me know if you
    hear of anything! thanks,

  2. Sarah,
    Absolutely beautiful. You are living in a vacation-land paradise. I want to book my tickets to visit!! Maybe sometime soon…

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  4. Sarah,

    Thank you so much for this blog – my wife and I are planning our move for mid 2011. I read your posting on cost of living and then seeing this beautiful new apartment – I was wondering if you would mind sharing how much this new place is costing you (you had mentioned your old place was $500 a month with many extras included)?

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Scott,

      Congrats on the big move! Our rent includes housekeeping twice a week (which includes washing of sheets and towels), water, internet, cable, and security. We pay our own electricity bill since we now have a/c. Rents here in San Juan can range from $300 (fairly basic amenities) to $1500 a month depending on your comfort need. You may want to contact for further options on possible rentals.
      Best of luck to you,

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