Surf Sanctuary

The Surf Sanctuary in Las Salinas


We just got back from an awesome weekend.  Our friend, Baldo, is the President of the Nicaraguan National Surf Circuit, so we decided to head up Popoyo to watch the last of four surf competitions.  Popoyo is a small village north west of San Juan del Sur, made popular by the surfing community for its good surfbreaks.  


With the exception of a few raindrops, we had beautiful weather.  My favorite part of the whole weekend was our stay at The Surf Sanctuary, a beautiful community of casitas located in Las Salinas.  The Surf Sanctuary offers tour packages, meals, etc., but we mostly just enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings from the colorful flowers to the owners’ friendly dog.  If you are thinking about a trip up that way, I highly recommend checking this place out (and I’m not getting paid to plug them)!


Surfer Boy

Surfer Boy


Flowers at the Surf Sanctuary

Flowers at the Surf Sanctuary














Cooper Chasing Pigs

Cooper Chasing Pigs

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  2. hey, it looks lovely! just wondering if you know the local surfer? i would like some lessons from a local, someone who really knows their way around the local rips and danger spots so i dont end up in trouble! email me if possible, thanks!! x

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