That’s the Weigh it is

So, we’re back to our daily lives in San Juan.   Upon first seeing some of our Nicaraguan co-workers after 3 weeks home, the first thing the girls said to me was “oh – que delgada…” (“how thin”), with smiles on their faces.  I’ve finally become accustomed to this ongoing evaluation of my body, but…

During our first week here back in January, both women in the office told us that we looked much fatter than the photos they had seen of us. My jaw nearly fell to the ground and I was close to tears, having skirted around the issue of weight for 30 years in the States. However, after a week or two here in San Juan, I realized that people are simply more straightforward and say what they think and feel – something I have come to find quite refreshing. Cheers to being honest, I suppose!

3 thoughts on “That’s the Weigh it is

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