Amigos de la Polícia – San Juan del Sur

Amigos de la Polícia, a new Municipal Security Initiative, held its kick-off event in the Central Park on Friday. San Juan’s Mayor, the Captain of the police, and two sub-commissioners were in attendance, as well as members of the AdP board. Dancers from the Fundacion A. Jean Brugger kicked off the event with a few dance numbers and local police were on hand to display the new motorcycles and police radios purchased with the money raised to date by the initiative. It was surprisingly well-attended and people appeared hopeful that this increased effort toward safety and security in San Juan will continue to encourage tourism in the area.

You can read the Executive Summary of the AdP plan online at Del Sur.

Amigos is now online at:

Nicaragua is Safer than U.S.

When my husband and I first told people we were moving to Nicaragua, we were met with a lot of skepticism. Most were concerned about our safety, as many believe this country to be dangerous.  Which is why when I read this article in CNN, I felt the need to post it.

“CNN reports that a global index of peace sponsored by the respected Economist Intelligence Group ranks Nicaragua safer than the U.S. On a peace scale of 1 (most peaceful) to 5 (most violent), Nicaragua is 1.92. It’s higest sub-ratings are earned for its respect of human rights, very low odds of terrorist attacks and armed conflict, as well as treatment of foreigners and property rights.  There is crime here and elsewhere in Nicaragua, as there is everywhere on this planet, but when it happens here, it’s the talk of the neighborhood and the talk of the town, which highlights how rare it is when it happens — and how special this place is.”