León Viejo

If you’re in the touristy mood and headed to León, a quick stop in León Viejo might be worth your time. Perhaps not the most exciting tourist spot; however, this UNESCO World Heritage site does provide some interesting history of Nicaragua.  USD$2 gives you access to this site, as well as a tour from a well-versed guide.  The scenic ride alone, out to León Viejo, makes this trip well worth it.The scenic drive out to León Viejo

To access León Viejo by car, follow the Carretera Sur (the highway that runs between Managua and León) north from Nagarote towards La Paz Centro.  You will see a sign for the ruins just before entering La Paz Centro.  Take this right and follow signs to the ruins for approximately 25 minutes. 



En route to León, also consider stopping for quesillos in Nagarote.  Quesillos traditionally consist of salty cheese wrapped in a tortilla and flavored with onions, cream, and other ingredients.  You can also purchase quesillos in a small plastic bag.


  Quesillos - perhaps it doesn't look appetizing, but it takes incredible!