1st Anniversary Celebration

This blog has not received the attention it deserves lately as Justin and I just returned from our 2nd trip back to the States.  I asked Justin for advice on what to write about this time around and realized – I think a little to his dismay – that I forgot to put anything up about our first anniversary celebration – oops!

After a few exhausting weeks of work back in August, I had pretty much accepted the fact that we wouldn’t be able to do anything special for our 1st anniversary.  We were both tired, had just spent a good chunk of money on the now infamous Gallo Rojo (our truck) and I knew that I had not pulled together any kind of plans.  

Much to my pleasant surprise, my husband was ahead of the game and booked us a 2-night stay at Hotel Barceló Montelimar Beach.  Since our stay there, I’ve heard many mixed reviews on this place, but I must admit that we thoroughly enjoyed our get-away.  We had a private bungalow, steps from the beach, the largest pool in the Central America, and the hotel’s restaurants.  While this place clearly caters to entertaining large groups (the overly enthusiastic activity planners were proof of this), we were still able to relax, recharge, and enjoy each other’s company.  The food was less than stellar, but the buffet restaurants allowed for feedbag-style portions and guaranteed the ability to find something we both liked for each meal!