USNS Comfort

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Kim Williams/RELEASED.) Destroyer Squadron 40

The hospital ship USNS Comfort arrived in the Port of San Juan del Sur yesterday, June 17th. USNS Comfort left the United States in early April of this year on a humanitarian mission bringing medical relief to the Caribbean, Central and South America. The five-month deployment is called ‘Continuing Promise 2011′ and will include Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Peru.  For more info on the mission, visit Del Sur News Online.

The Biggest Loser – San Juan Style


Justin and I have been packing on the pounds lately. Well, actually, Justin has been slimming down while I’ve been, shall we say, expanding. And no, it’s not with a baby. So, the announcement of the Biggest Loser Challenge, at Buena Vida Fitness, our local gym, came at the perfect time.  For two months, beginning February 1, Justin and I are competing to be San Juan’s Biggest Loser (insert joke here).  Follow our progress and our competitors at Buena Vida Fitness, Biggest Loser.

Yoga – San Juan del Sur

Sometimes, even living in a perpetual vacation town can be stressful.  Thankfully, there are a number of outlets for relaxing, including yoga.  The past two Tuesdays, I have attended yoga with instructor, Dana Rice, of Nica Yoga within El Camino del Sol.  Dana, and husband Jason, have created a charming yoga retreat, complete with an outdoor yoga studio (wooden floors, bamboo palapa) and pool.  I can think of no better place to practice yoga – outdoors, at sunset, with the refreshing mountain breeze blowing thru.  Located just 3 km from the center of San Juan del Sur, El Camino del Sol is a wonderful, hidden retreat.


Poker Night: Dirty Money, Good Cause

Our friend and proprietor of Bambu Beach Club, German Eric, hosted a poker tournament for charity the Friday before Christmas.  Winner took home a percentage of the winnings, while the remainder went to the charity of choice of the winner.

The best dressed player received free entry, which hopefully explains Justin’s getup:


Justin's best "suit"

Justin's best "suit"


The top 3 contestants for best-dressed

The top 3 contestants for best-dressed

RssHugger – For those of you looking to Blog and Share


RssHugger is a weblog directory that basically combines Technorati, rss directories, and search engine optimization into one. If you own a blog, you can get your own page on rssHugger for 10 years by giving an honest review of the site on your blog. If you want to join rssHugger but do not want to review the site, you can pay a one time review fee of $20. This fee, allows the site’s authors to keep out a lot of the spam/useless blogs.

RssHugger features a featured blog on the home page, Top100 page, a “random blog” page that, as the name suggest, shows up one blog of the directory, and a search page, that lets you browse into the feeds.

El camino a Rivas

One of the things I love about this country is the dichotomy of old vs. new, traditional vs. modern.  There is something wonderful about driving along the Chocolata and encountering Caponeras (bicycle-taxis), oxen, horses, and cars – all with the same general goal of transportation/work.  I’d love to see a Bostonian take out his road rage on one of these oxen and see who comes out on top…