Helping Nicaragua

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Our friends, Sarah and Baldo, are creating a non-profit, here in Nicaragua called CORE Nicaragua (COordinating RElationships in Nicaragua).  

The  principal purpose of the organization is to set up trips – clinics, home-stays, volunteer opportunities, construction projects and more – for mission groups.  Groups will be charged a fee per person, and once administrative costs are covered, the funds from these fees will be placed into a fund to cover medical expenses for people of low resources. 

Please visit their blog, currently in development, for more information and updates.

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1 thought on “Helping Nicaragua

  1. Great Post!

    After living in Nicaragua for over two years, I decided that I wanted to give back in some way as well. In order to do so, and maintain my relationship with the place I grew so fond of, I started supporting an incredible school there.

    School of Louise’s Dreams provides a free, Montessori education to the most disadvantaged children of Nagarote, Leon. The children that the school accepts aren’t able to attend the public schools because they can’t to afford basic necessities like pencils, notebooks, shoes, and even breakfast. At the school, we make sure that the students are provided with all that they need to receive their education. We just started a new initiative where people can sponsor the students to make sure they are able to stay in school.

    Read more about the unique effort that is going on there at And feel free to visit the school if you’re in the area!

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