Corn Island Adventures

Justin and I just spent a glorious 6 days in the Corn Islands on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.  A few details and then I’ll let the photos paint the picture:


Big Corn Island: Casa Canada

Little Corn Island: Little Corn Beach and Bungalow

How to get there: La Costeña Airlines – to Big Corn Island – appx. $165/person

For more info:

Click here for our Corn Islands Photo Album


4 thoughts on “Corn Island Adventures

  1. I do not know if the comments I made on your blog about Corn Island got to you or not – I may have accidentally pressed delete instead of send – with my lousy typing anything is possible. EDDIE HURLSTON

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  3. The Corn Islands are amazing. We just returned last week from the Corn Islands, too. I wonder if we were there at the same time? We’re going to go back and spend a month, hopefully renting our house on Ometepe Island for a month. For some reason, I couldn’t get your pictures, but I’ll try again when my internet is faster. UGH!

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