Gratitude Journal, day 1

Homesickness is inevitable when living abroad, at least for me.   Being far from family and friends back home is difficult, especially around the holidays.  I was fortunate that with the exception of an occasional tear, I managed to all but avoid this sadness until our return from our last trip home…in September.   

Since then, I’ve found it easy to ruminate on the things that make me miss home – New England’s fall colors, my adorable niece and nephew, Thanksgiving dinner with my family, snow.

Yet, I also know that one day, I will look back on this experience in Nicaragua and find myself missing nacatamales for Sunday breakfast, the view of the Pacific from my front door, and the good friends I’ve made here.  So, I have decided to begin a gratitude journal, in order to focus my energies on the amazing things in life:

Things for which I am grateful…

~My Family, including Justin, Mom, Dad, Cathy, Paul, Gracie, Paul, Diana, Matt, Mary, Collen, Tina, Caitlin, and my entire extended family


Our wedding day



~My Husband for being so understanding, supportive, and loving

~My Friends, both in the States, and here in Nicaragua (who have become my second family)


~My Health

~Being able to sit outside my house, atop a hill, under the shade of the trees and feel the warmth of the sun on my back – in November!

~Fatima for cooking us tasty lunches everyday

There’s plenty more to list – for another day.

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