Stuck in the Mud

There are two consistent things about living in Nicaragua:

1) If you own a car here (even with 4WD), it is guaranteed to get stuck at some point – in the mud, in a river, in the estuary – somewhere, sometime.

2) If you do get stuck, hordes of people will help you out…and a few will sit and watch the process!

At a time when I was feeling incredibly homesick for the convenience of things in the States, the amount of help we received renewed my faith in living this different lifestyle.

For the new car owner, I suggest purchaing the following items for your car (all easily found in Managua at either PriceSmart, SINSA, or a local ferreteria:

-Durable chain with a hook (for pulling your car out of sticky situations – ropes tend to break)


-Tire pump (these can be charged at home and then carried in your car or you can plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter)


-Jumper cables

-Large jug of water (cars tend to overheat easily here – it’s important to check your fluids regularly and refill your radiator before this happens)

-Patience – can’t buy this one, but be sure to bring plenty with you!



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