My First Job in Nicaragua!

Actually, I am volunteering…nonetheless, I feel very positive about this work. I have teamed up with the organization, Community REfund.

Community REfund solicits contributions from real estate buyers, developers, agents, and other parties involved in the real estate transaction, and channels these funds towards the needs of the local communities in a way that is mutually beneficial to both donors and recipients. My primary responsibility is to make contact with each of the real estate agencies here in town and educate them about this initiative and give them the tools they need to talk about the project with their clients.

Backpacks for School Children

Justin and I went to a local San Juan elementary school and helped to distribute backpacks full of school supplies (360 – which we packed the previous weekend) and enjoyed interacting with the kids who ranged in age from 3-14. All of the supplies were donations from Morgan’s Rock, as well as guests who stay at the hotel – a program initiated by Gladis, our friend who manages the hotel.

 Here’s a clip of us on Monday morning, helping distribute the backpacks and school supplies.